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All-in-One solution Solar system: Planning. Delivery. Installation.

Northern Sun Power is your comprehensive sustainability partner, delivering innovative, high-efficiency solar modules. From planning to professional installation by our certified partners, we provide a seamless solution. Reduce your electricity costs, secure your long-term energy supply, and actively contribute to environmental conservation. With us, you'll not only achieve affordable housing but also ensure it's sustainable and future-proof.

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Your benefits

Unlock savings

Choose our solar panels, and you may qualify for enticing government incentives and cashback programs, putting money right back in your pocket.

Certified Quality

Rely on the highest quality for your solar setup, confirmed by the TÜV "Quality Controlled PV" seal and other certifications.

0% Sales Tax

Start generating your own power and enjoy the added benefit of saving on sales tax for certain components when purchasing a solar system from January 2023 onward.

Government Cashback

Choose North Sun Power and you qualify for enticing government incentives and cashback programs, putting money right back in your pocket - we take care of it all.

All-in-one solution

We offer a complete package that includes not only planning but also module manufacturing and installation, all at an attractive overall price.

Photovoltaic Insurance

Protected Investment. Built to Last with Expert Guidance. Our systems offer long-term warranties and expert advice for your peace of mind. Trust Northern Sun Power for enduring quality.

Supercharge your savings with the "Canada Greener Homes Grant and Loan". We handle everything, even local incentives. Your journey to a greener home begins now

Power of sun
Unleash the power of the sun with Northern Sun Power: Your path to sustainable energy, savings, and a brighter tomorrow.

Our services

Cultivating a Greener Tomorrow: Our comprehensive services encompass everything from cutting-edge solar solutions, which not only save costs but also contribute to a sustainable environment, to state-of-the-art wallboxes. A wallbox is an advanced charging unit that enables eco-conscious home charging powered by abundant solar energy. Embrace the future of e-mobility with us, and join in shaping a brighter, cleaner tomorrow.

About us

We're a team of German entrepreneurs dedicated to bringing the highest standards of sustainability to North America. Our passion lies in efficiently harnessing renewable resources, delivering environmentally responsible solutions, and contributing positively to society. With a firm commitment to a more sustainable tomorrow, we stand as your trusted partner for greener living. Explore our range of products and join us in shaping a cleaner, brighter future.

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The Marine Building

Suite #660 -355 Burrard St

Vancouver BC V6C 2G8


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