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Charging station

Discover our charging station solutions at Northern SunPower. Whether you need a home charging station for convenient electric vehicle charging using your self-generated power or high-performance charging stations options for B2B applications, we've got you covered.

From planning, consultation to securing government incentives and seamless installation - we take care of it all to meet your needs.

Empower Your Drive: Innovative Charging Solutions

Energizing Your Home and Future

Seamless Integration

Our Charging station solution seamlessly integrates into your home, blending aesthetics with functionality. It complements your lifestyle while providing efficient electric vehicle charging.

Energy Independence

With our Charging station solution, you're not just charging your vehicle; you're charging it with self-generated, clean solar energy. This move towards energy independence not only saves you money but also reduces reliance on traditional fossil fuels.

Peace of Mind

Say goodbye to range anxiety. With a Charging station at home, you can start each day with a fully charged electric vehicle, ensuring you're always ready for your journey. It's the convenience and confidence you need for eco-friendly driving.

Aufladen von Elektroautos

Invest in our charging station solutions and elevate your electric vehicle charging experience while embracing a sustainable future. With the potential for cost savings and government incentives available, this is your opportunity to make an eco-conscious choice that maximizes your benefits.

Empowering also Businesses with Advanced Charging Solutions

Discover the perfect charging station solution tailored to elevate your business, whether you operate a rest area, restaurant, hotel, or retail establishment. At Northern SunPower, we're your trusted partner in sustainable mobility, offering a diverse range of solutions, including high-capacity options of up to 350W. Join hands with us to enhance your customer experience, reduce your environmental footprint, and make a statement as a sustainable mobility leader in your industry.


Let's explore potential incentives together to further empower your sustainability efforts.

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Your Business Advantages

Customer Attraction: Be the preferred destination for EV owners, drawing in eco-conscious clientele.

Revenue Opportunity: Generate additional income by offering EV charging services.

Extended Stays: Encourage longer customer visits as they recharge their vehicles.

Environmental Stewardship: Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon footprints.

Competitive Advantage: Stand out in North America as a business that embraces the EV revolution.

Market Responsiveness: Stay ahead of the EV trend, catering to the growing number of electric vehicle owners.

Community Engagement: Contribute to North America's sustainability goals and foster a greener, cleaner future.

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